Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Favorite Me Things!

I'm back! It seems like life have been crazy for everyone. I think the beginning of the fall season is a time to regroup and head into the holidays and end the year with a bang. Here are a few things to appeal to your senses.

My favorite candle line is Bluewick Candles. Bluewick candles are made with soy and with a non lead wick. Looking for a soy candle is so important for your health and the environment. The wonderful thing about Bluewick is their fragrances as so wonderful and when the candle is burning the fragrance permeates the entire house. In winter when things start to smell a bit stale and the windows are closed all day, this will freshen things up quickly. Bluewick has these wonderful travel tins and I love this fragrance Cannell which is Cinnamon leaf!

Bluewick also has collections that are decorative and have a luxurious look. Guavapeel is one of my favorites, take a peek at the website and see what fragrance appeals to you.

I can't say enough I love fragrance!! No, not the usual perfumes and dept store types but fun and fruity fragrances is what appeals to me. I must have my environment smell nice, so I carry little perfumes with me and squirt a little bit here and there and this keeps me happy where ever I am.

Now I mentioned I don't like the standard type fragrance. Demeter is my favorite line they carry smells that are just delightful!

Sometimes you just want the smell of a Jolly Rancher candy in the air... can't you just smell the green apple now!

What about the tangy smell of Jelly Bellies, how about Mango Pineapple Salsa! Woo Hoo!

This is my absolute favorite, you will always find me with this one. Sex on the Beach it is a super fun fruity fragrance. Check them all out a

Ok the house smells great and every where I go gets a little spritz...what about my car. Yankee Candle makes a great item... Car Gel. This fragrance lasts a loooong time. The Vanilla Lime is the scent that will usually be in my car but ...

for fall there is a 3 pack Autumn Leave, Autumn Wreath and MacIntosh which is so wonderfully strong, is smells like a crisp MacIntosh Apple I got that for the car, and then....

my sister showed me the pumpkin car gel! That was a must have and the Pumpkin Spice gel is in my car right now. Check out the scents at I didn't link the site because it does not let you come back to this fabulous blog so check it out after :-)

A couple years ago a friend of mine gave me a 3 pack of Shower Gels from Philosophy. I always enjoy a great shower gel but this gel was also a shampoo and bubble bath. The shower gel is a moisturizing gel that lathers head to toe and good for all parts of the body, great shaving cream too. Philosophy also has the uniquely fun fragrances.
Oh how I just love those fruity drink smells!!

I could just smother myself in the smell of red velvet cake... all I can think of now is a Red Velvet Cake from Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan!!!

and how can you resist the smell of Candy Corn and the look of the gel is fantastic! Treat your self to a wonderful yummy indulgence with no calories. Go to

And now the most amazing deal I found!

I went to the Ulta store with a Ulta coupon in hand. On the front counter was an amazing deal a 69 piece makeup kit for $24.99 and I used my coupon and got it for $19.99

This kit come in 3 colors from pink, bronze or black. The Kit includes: 32 eye shadows, 12 lip colors, 6 cheek colors, 4 full size lipsticks, 2 mini lip glosses, 2 pot glosses, 2 shimmer powders, 2 eye shadow quads, 2 concealers, 2 dual ended liners, 2 brushes, train case with mirror and applicators.

I bought it and thought I would like some of the products and for the price of one eyeshadow it was worth it right there.

This makeup is amazing!! I have used Mac, Smashbox, Clinique and on and on but believe it or not the Ulta brand makeup goes on well and stays on. All the colors are fantastic and the lips glosses have a vanilla fragrance. See how I tied the great smell in!! Check out this truly fabulous find at

Thanks for reading stop on back next Weds...really I will update Oct 28. :-)

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