Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Finds For the Week!

I know many of you have heard of Switch Flops. I read about them quite a while ago but they are even more fun than I thought. You buy the shoe and add the strap. The interchangeable design is by Lindsay Phillips who holds the patent for this wonderful shoe.

This month the Breast Cancer Awareness shoe was introduced.

See what it looks like to change to another strap.
You still have the Pink Ribbon for awareness with a little bling added!

In keeping with the same color theme. This is to show a different sole...

...and with a little flower flair.

Now start with a peace sign design
with bling on peace sign and polka dots...

...add that same flower flair and voila and new shoe!
check out all the shoe styles and strap colors at

Another brief word about flip flops ...ever need a pair after a pedicure or when your feet are just too darn hot? An emergency pair is now available, they fold in half and come in a matching pouch www.

The bags shown below are totally cruelty free from the San Francisco company Noah Handbags (The name Noah is a play on 'no animals harmed').

The bags were shown in O magazine and are wonderful.
The design below is a computer bag. What a great and fashionable way to carry around your laptop or netbook!

The materials for the bags are high quality Italian PVC over canvas. These bags all have three interior pockets for cell phone, ipod and all your gadgets!

The Toronto based company Lavishy sells vegan totes, messenger bags and small coin purses and wallets. Wonderful accessories to put in the bags above or the bags they sell as well. They feature about six collections a year. I love their accessories and check out their jewelry too!

I love this cat design. The snap is under the cats tail :-)

and of course the retro kitty is tres chic.

just a couple of their wallets that have credit card slots and lots of compartments!

The colors and all bright and fun. You can even smile when you spend your money.

check them out

Remember when we were young and made those chain links out of old chewing gum wrappers

well.... look what the company nauh ollin came up with.

check out the jazzy headband
one of their bestseller is the coin pursefun shoulder bag

Great purse. Look at their site for other designs made out of candy wrappers, newspaper and they even have vintage Mickey Mouse bags.

Well thanks for checking in this week. I have more fun finds to come!!
Next update Saturday Sept 5th. See you then!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holiday 2009 Accessories Trends

When the Accessories Magazine arrives each season with the Fashion Trends Issue I keep them in file and compare to what trends are hot for that year. Sometimes the predictions are months or even a year before you actually see people wearing them on the West Coast. This is a great guide to keep in your own fashion file!


I do love layered chains. You can never go wrong with this look
the picture below is from dreammullick

stylehousenyc showed this fantastic rosary on their website

the jeweled choker is made by frangos jewelry


Jeweled choker
Oversized medallions
Layered chains
Jeweled pendants
Faceted glass beads
Rosary necklaces and crosses
Ribbon pins
Chandelier earrings glad these are still is style :-)


The purse shown is from the company Emperia

The company that makes the purse below is called IMOSHION


Tapestry totes and satchels
Rhinestone minaudieres
Satin pouches
Velvet shoulder bags
Sequined clutches
Jeweled frames
Metallic leather hobos
Ruched satin bags


This site has a wide variety of scarves and wraps as worn by Jessica Alba


Iridescent satin stoles
Mink collars and capes ( FAUX FUR please)
Fur trims and borders (again FAUX FUR please )
Ruched satin stoles
Ruffled borders
Silk velvet stoles
Gold tassel trims
Ruffled satin collars


great clips for hair head dress ny

The website has fantastic headbands! The design shown on Madonna is one of their exclusives.


Velvet crochet hats
Fur toques (please only faux fur)
Mink headbands (one last time only Faux Fur)
Veiled velvet headbands
Velvet berets
Veiled fascinators
Jeweled hairclips
Jeweled tiaras


Belgo Lux Belts are shown below

soussan designs has great belts

Velvet sashes
Satin straps
Jeweled oval buckles
Embroidered leather
Velvet corsets
Metal links with rhinestones
Faceted stones on leather straps
Silk and satin cummerbunds


levante usa has great textures and patterns

Crochet lace hose
Stretchy lace stockings
Pointelle knits
Shimmery surfaces
Metallic mesh
Flocked patterns
Paisley prints
Scroll patterns

Looks like a great list! Let me know some of your favorites for the season!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fabulous Finds at the San Francisco Gift Fair

I attended the San Francisco Gift Fair looking to see what was new this year. I heard the show was smaller than previous years so I did not know what to expect. I was so excited when I discovered some really fantastic gems!!

These rings are sensational! The company is called ollipop and is actually a division of Sweet Romance. Sweet Romance is a vintage inspired jewelry company with designs by Shelley Cooper who also designs the ollipop division! ollipop is described as the pop art of personal style. Semi-precious stones, old glass elements blended together with unique retro metals.

Unfortunately there is no website at this time for ollipop. The rings are selling so quickly they are unable to fill orders fast enough. If you are having trouble finding the products. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or if you are interested in any of the rings.
One of the obvious trends is green products. Well let's hope this is a new way of life and not a trend! There were companies that used recycled materials in the most creative way. Among them were recycled clothing, office and school supplies, shopping bags and the jewelry company shown below Squishy Sushi. What a great name for a business! All designs are one of a kind since the materials are recycled.
This bracelet is made from recycled Japanese chiyogami paper.

The next bracelet is made from recycled Japanese newspapers!

This necklace pendant is made from an old recycled domino tile.

This beautiful necklace is made from a old recycled scrabble tile!
Check out there website at
and they also have an etsy store

The last company is a company called My Mothers Buttons. This is a wonderful use of truly beautiful pieces of art. The company uses antique buttons for their incredible jewelry creations.

The button bracelets pictured below have an assortment of different color and textured buttons. All of the pieces are one of a kind . There are also bracelets that are all the same button or same color theme. They are all treasures!

Here are some of the ring designs and once again they are all unique pieces.

There are a variety of different style necklaces and it really was fascinating the history behind the buttons. I am now interested in antique buttons and have learned so much about button history but I also know I have much more to learn! The detail of these pieces even include a wonderful clasp. It makes you wonder if there is some way you can show of the back of the necklace as well. :-)

I can see that any of these pieces could be the start of a collection!
Check out the website at
look at the amazing pieces and read the history

If you have any questions or are interested in the products feel free to email me at!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun Charms and Accessories with a Positive Message!

This wonderful Fortune Cookie Necklace is from a company called "Bee Charming". They are a New York company and have quality costume jewelry at affordable prices. Very fun and trend oriented pieces. This necklace is a sure conversation starter and is available with the following tags: fame, happiness, health, love, luck and wealth.

This lock and key charm necklace is also from Bee Charming. They mix up charms to create a fun story. Their website is

The next group is from another favorite company of mine Be.ology. They feature products with postive thoughts and messages. Why not make your energy positive, meaningful, and even helpful?

The scarves from Be.ology have the wonderful messages printed on them. Some of the sayings on the their products include, be.kind, be.exceptional, be.inspired and be.peaceful to name a few. Check them out at

Sophia and Chloe jewelry have really unique an stylish collections. The first collection is called "Signs of a Good Life" Many good karma pieces!

The line pictured below is called "Oh So Charming". Some of the sentiments are love, hope, faith, good karma and also fun honey bees! . This is just a sample of what is offered at

As you see I can't get enough of the products that are not only fun and funky but have lots of dangles and charms and love the positive messages! Change your accessories and change the way you feel and your mood. Keep up the fun and Keep accessorizing!

If you have any questions or problems locating these items feel free to email me!