Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Finds For the Week!

I know many of you have heard of Switch Flops. I read about them quite a while ago but they are even more fun than I thought. You buy the shoe and add the strap. The interchangeable design is by Lindsay Phillips who holds the patent for this wonderful shoe.

This month the Breast Cancer Awareness shoe was introduced.

See what it looks like to change to another strap.
You still have the Pink Ribbon for awareness with a little bling added!

In keeping with the same color theme. This is to show a different sole...

...and with a little flower flair.

Now start with a peace sign design
with bling on peace sign and polka dots...

...add that same flower flair and voila and new shoe!
check out all the shoe styles and strap colors at

Another brief word about flip flops ...ever need a pair after a pedicure or when your feet are just too darn hot? An emergency pair is now available, they fold in half and come in a matching pouch www.

The bags shown below are totally cruelty free from the San Francisco company Noah Handbags (The name Noah is a play on 'no animals harmed').

The bags were shown in O magazine and are wonderful.
The design below is a computer bag. What a great and fashionable way to carry around your laptop or netbook!

The materials for the bags are high quality Italian PVC over canvas. These bags all have three interior pockets for cell phone, ipod and all your gadgets!

The Toronto based company Lavishy sells vegan totes, messenger bags and small coin purses and wallets. Wonderful accessories to put in the bags above or the bags they sell as well. They feature about six collections a year. I love their accessories and check out their jewelry too!

I love this cat design. The snap is under the cats tail :-)

and of course the retro kitty is tres chic.

just a couple of their wallets that have credit card slots and lots of compartments!

The colors and all bright and fun. You can even smile when you spend your money.

check them out

Remember when we were young and made those chain links out of old chewing gum wrappers

well.... look what the company nauh ollin came up with.

check out the jazzy headband
one of their bestseller is the coin pursefun shoulder bag

Great purse. Look at their site for other designs made out of candy wrappers, newspaper and they even have vintage Mickey Mouse bags.

Well thanks for checking in this week. I have more fun finds to come!!
Next update Saturday Sept 5th. See you then!

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