Monday, August 10, 2009

Fabulous Finds at the San Francisco Gift Fair

I attended the San Francisco Gift Fair looking to see what was new this year. I heard the show was smaller than previous years so I did not know what to expect. I was so excited when I discovered some really fantastic gems!!

These rings are sensational! The company is called ollipop and is actually a division of Sweet Romance. Sweet Romance is a vintage inspired jewelry company with designs by Shelley Cooper who also designs the ollipop division! ollipop is described as the pop art of personal style. Semi-precious stones, old glass elements blended together with unique retro metals.

Unfortunately there is no website at this time for ollipop. The rings are selling so quickly they are unable to fill orders fast enough. If you are having trouble finding the products. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or if you are interested in any of the rings.
One of the obvious trends is green products. Well let's hope this is a new way of life and not a trend! There were companies that used recycled materials in the most creative way. Among them were recycled clothing, office and school supplies, shopping bags and the jewelry company shown below Squishy Sushi. What a great name for a business! All designs are one of a kind since the materials are recycled.
This bracelet is made from recycled Japanese chiyogami paper.

The next bracelet is made from recycled Japanese newspapers!

This necklace pendant is made from an old recycled domino tile.

This beautiful necklace is made from a old recycled scrabble tile!
Check out there website at
and they also have an etsy store

The last company is a company called My Mothers Buttons. This is a wonderful use of truly beautiful pieces of art. The company uses antique buttons for their incredible jewelry creations.

The button bracelets pictured below have an assortment of different color and textured buttons. All of the pieces are one of a kind . There are also bracelets that are all the same button or same color theme. They are all treasures!

Here are some of the ring designs and once again they are all unique pieces.

There are a variety of different style necklaces and it really was fascinating the history behind the buttons. I am now interested in antique buttons and have learned so much about button history but I also know I have much more to learn! The detail of these pieces even include a wonderful clasp. It makes you wonder if there is some way you can show of the back of the necklace as well. :-)

I can see that any of these pieces could be the start of a collection!
Check out the website at
look at the amazing pieces and read the history

If you have any questions or are interested in the products feel free to email me at!

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  1. I love those ollipop rings! Those were so much fun to touch and to try on. And the my mother's buttons were very cool too.