Saturday, September 12, 2009

Absolute Must Haves!!

This is a must have for so many people who don't even realize how badly they need it. isabelt came up with a fantastic plastic belt that is almost invisible and really does the job of stopping that gap in the back or the slippage!! check out There is a video on their site.

Cleavage covers are now named covertiques and are pure genius. One again how many woman really need these but don't realize it. Polish off your look with these great covers and add a little pizazz to your outfit. The covers gently adhere to your skin and removes the bulk of having to wear a camisole. No more bending over to pick up something and having to hold the front of your shirt. No more peek a boos and no more showing stuff others might not want to see.

We have all clipped, pinned and taped ourselves into our clothes. Now Hollywood Fashion Tape is selling a professional tape without damaging your clothes. Clear double stick tape holds your garment where it is supposed to be. This item has been so good that they have expanded the line to include a variety of fixes but one of my favorites...tag tamers to cover those itchy annoy tags in your clothes. So often I pull on the tags or cut them out and make the problem worse. Look at all their products on their website

This year I think we are in for quite a rainy winter. The Shuella is a wonderful solution to wearing your good shoes out in the inclement weather. Shuella is not just a rain boot...they call it a Shoe Umbrella! That says it all. The Shuella is available in the classic black but also fun colors like Buttercup Yellow and Apple Green!

and the dazzling HOT PINK!!

check out all the must haves and make your fashion make you look even more fashionable and chic! More fabulous finds to come this week, come back and see on the 20th!!

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