Saturday, September 5, 2009

New and Exciting for September!

I had to start this weeks blog with these absolutely fabulous shoes I saw on Ben and Jerry's French blog! They are the greatest!! If you can read french, check it out or just look at the pictures it is a fun site.

The little ice cream cone embellishment near the toe! C'est magnifique!

The next company manufactures couture for your cup ... It is called the Cup Coat!

They describe their product as "The Cupcoat - High Fashion Thermal Sleeves for Paper Cups ." There are a variety of patterns as well as some one of a kind designs.

Check them out and have a fashionable cup to complete your look and your mood.

As you all know I love jewelry with charms and I will keep posting as I find new and exciting companies. This great company is jewelry by cari

You start with the charms in the 'a la carte ' section (they even offer personalizing on the charms which will arrive to you in only two weeks) and string them on a chain you select.

There are some premade combinations on their site ... and remember layer your chains!

The following is a necklace worn by MEGAN FOX in Transformers 2. She started with

the "M"charm and added a couple other charms from the 'a la carte' menu to create this great necklace

check out jewelry by cari

I love anything with Swarovski crystals. Well they have to be very well made designs and of the very best quality. The next group of jewelry meets those requirements.
The bracelet shown is from Yumi Chen Designs

A little info about the designer:
Yumi Chen is an accomplished concert violinist, professional pastry chef, and mathematician. In 2003, she redefined herself as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, launching her online store at

The design below is a bracelet with multi-colored Millefiori Venetian glass beads paired with sapphire blue and jet black Swarovski crystals

The necklace below is a 24kt Gold Foil/White Venetian glass heart adorned with assorted Swarovski crystals and 14kt gold filled stardust beads

"Shine on" with Yumi's new magical crystal ring. An alluring combination of rose pink, lilac purple, light colorado topaz, peach, jonquil yellow, light sapphire blue, and peridot green Swarovski crystals!

Millefiori Silver Foil Venetian glass heart adorned with assorted Swarovski crystals and .925 sterling silver beads
I love this necklace which combines the Venetian class and the Swarovski crystals...
It is sooo Yummy oh no it's ... yumichen

This is just one of her collections there are so many more. I would love to have them all!

Have a great week as I am looking at all the wonderful accessory and gift trends I will
see you back on Saturday Sept 12th.

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